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Structural Steel Fabrication has a new productivity champion in the PythonX CNC Plasma Cutting Fabrication System. Its revolutionary technology brings automated 3D fabrication to processing beams, channels, HSS, angle, plate and bar.

  1. Replaces 5 or more pieces of equipment such as a drill line, band saw, angle line, coping machine and plate machine that would be required to match the capabilities of the PythonX. Your shop is instantly automated in every area of fabrication not just parts of it.

  2. Eliminates material Handling; A typical structural fabrication plant picks up beams and moves them anywhere from 6 to 13 times while it is being processed. This is very wasteful not only for the person moving the beam but for the rest of the shop since every one stops working to look when a large beam is being moved around. No value is added to the beam when it is moved from place to place, its a complete waste. The PythonX fabricates everything in one place, in one pass, eliminating the double and triple handling of beams which also eliminates the need for the rest of the shop stop working and watch the beam being moved around.

  3. Small Floor Space; the PythonX takes up about as much floors space as a bandsaw and conveyors leaving the rest of the shop for actual work space where fitting, welding, painting etc can occur.

  4. Eliminates Mistakes; manual processing mistakes from reading the drawing, interpretation, skill level all cause defects which kill your shop production flow and lead to back charges from site... with PythonX everything is automatically fabricated in the right place with machine accuracy.

  5. Automates the Complex Fabrications; the machine automates the truly difficult portions of fabrication such as copes, bevels, slots, cutouts, layout marking and part labelling in addition to bolt holes and cut to length. Tasks that would take 10-20 minutes are now done in 45 seconds. Multiply a 10-20 minute savings by thousands and thousands of operations per year and it becomes obvious why the return on investment is usually less than a year.