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Variobend AG, based in Salzburg, Austria has redesigned the double bender and produced the most elegant, versatile and cost effective machine currently in the market.

As one would expect of a Swiss/Austrian joint venture, the workmanship and engineering is second to none, but the real hero is the brilliant construction of the folding head.

This design enables not only up and down bends to be performed but profiles not possible on even the best single bender can be produced due to the patented design.

And being Swiss-Austrian, they were not just satisfied with the most versatile machine on the market, but have managed to produce what is the fastest, smoothest, quietest, and most energy efficient machine available as well.

The range of Variobend machines consists of three models:
Up and down bending machines models SB
Up and down bending machines models DB
Long length folding machines models EB

Compared to their traditional single bending machines, Variobend double bending machines at least double and sometimes can even be quadruple output depending on the profile plus many jobs traditionally requiring two people, now required only one.

Variobend machines both single bending and double bending versions offer unprecedented efficiency and versatility for metal roofing companies.